My opinion on world peace or lack thereof.

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The United States, so-called purveyors of peace and beacon of hope, has been at war almost continually since 1776, “in the past 236 years, the US has been fighting some type of conflict for 214 years or about 90% of the time.” The US is in trillions of dollars in debt and still remains the military superpower of the world. Its military budget is over $597 billion dollars, that is as much as the next top 14 countries funding put together.

At this moment, the US is “bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and possibly others.” That is at least 6 countries that the US is at war with, and it is costing trillions of dollars in borrowed money besides the millions of innocent civilians killed. All of these wars are for superpower interests and it is making the world more dangerous. The UNHCR says “65.3 million people, or one person in 113, were displaced from their homes by conflict and persecution in 2015…[it is] the highest level ever recorded and representing immense human suffering” Our global beliefs of the world fed by mainstream news is evidently based on ignorance and lies. Everything, unfortunately, is not fine and the current US presidential candidates – Clinton or Trump – is one sign of many that it is inherently corrupt.

Humanity is working towards a dead-end and a doomed fate because of this profit- driven lifestyle, which is clearly not sustainable for this planet. All 8 billion of us can’t have the “American dream” of a 4 bedroom house, 2 cars and 2 kids with steak dinner for all 4 family members . There is not enough space or natural resources for that kind of living. The earth is 70% water and less than 20% land. And only 2.5% of that water is fresh water for over 7.4 billion of us humans to use. We cannot afford to be wasteful and over-consuming.

I believe our priorities are totally self-destructive and pure madness. Is this the type of political, cultural and economic system that the world looks up to and believes in? Because this is only a recipe for disaster.

A quote I read today was “popularity is not a indication of quality.” Only because the American way of life dominates many nations, it does not mean its the best system. Popularity can be created by propaganda, force or limitation of options.

20th century wars were much more horrific and deadly in numbers but the quality of life in the 21st century continues to be worsening. Global inequality statistics state that “the richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income.” There are also over 40,000 species on the Endangered Species List which means our planets biodiversity is only declining. Biodiversity is critical for the Earth to remain alive since everything relies on one another. The Amazon rainforest also continues to decline due to de-forestation. I guess trees or oxygen is not on our global priority list either? Malcolm X once said, “Show me a capitalist and I will show you a blood-sucker.”

We are all being assimilated into this global western economy and culture that is evidently not sustainable, peaceful or healthy for us or the planet. The power of love for each other, the planet and the future is only weakening. So when will we, as individuals, take our power back to change direction? Or is human nature not intelligent or strong enough for creating lasting world peace?

I am trying not to be pessimistic but the results speak for itself on the current condition of humanity and this planet. This is about being logical and realistic. Are we that dependant on or brainwashed to this crazy system that we cant think long-term anymore? Short-term thinking is the death of our planet because profit-seeking without considering long-term implications is what is hurting us. We hear people chanting on the streets “people over profits” for a reason during social justice protests.

As the Native saying goes: “when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.”

There is endless forms of distractions or escapes in our society to keep us chasing the wrong things. However, we can never physically escape this planet. NASA, even with its annual $19 billion dollar funding, cannot save or transport us out of Earth when all we have left to eat is money.

What would your ideal, alternative society look like? What are the obstacles of and solutions for world peace?

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