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My name is Laila (“Night”) Re (“Sun”) and I am a self-published author of two poetry books: Pieces to Peace and Soul Led . I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on June 4, 1987. I escaped as a toddler with my family from impending civil war to Islamabad, Pakistan as refugees. From the age of five, I was raised in Toronto, Canada. My mother was a journalist in Afghanistan, I give her all credit for my passion growing up reading and writing. I earned three degrees at York University: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Education in Primary-Junior division, and a Masters of Education in Language, Culture and Teaching. My Major Research Paper was titled “Creative Action: Re-claiming Education and Freedom.”

I was involved as an organizer and founder of a couple political justice groups on and off campus during my undergrad. You may read one of my political speeches written from that time posted on Sons of Malcolm. I began freelance writing as a news contributor for an alternative, student-run campus newspaper called YU FREE PRESS in 2010. As a grassroots organizer with Afghans for Peace, I also co-wrote anti-war articles for major alternative news outlets. I currently do my anti-war advocacy through a group that I co-created in 2012 called Afghans United for Justice after Afghans for Peace was dissolved due to internal conflicts.

I have co-written two press releases for Ricochet and Rabble addressing racism and sexism against anti-war Muslim women activists in Toronto news media. I also contributed articles in 2015 to the alternative news site MediaBlackOut-USA. I began self-publishing my poetry collections in 2013 through Amazon‘s publishing company CreateSpace. My poems have been re-posted by MediaBlackOut-USA and I was one of the women honoured by Dream Defenders annual Women History Month in 2015. In 2016, I contributed a personal story to a anthology titled “The Muslimah Who Fell to Earth“, which shares the stories of 22 Muslim-Canadian women to reflect the diversity of our experiences.

Presently, I am working on my blog to write short stories, opinion pieces and/or personal development articles; as well as poems for a third poetry collection.

You can contact me directly with your questions, comments or collaborations by e-mail at lailajustice@gmail.com. To financially support my work and blog, you can donate via PayPal by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “About Laila

  1. Hi Laila,

    I really enjoy your poems. It strikes a deep chord within my soul. So real it might even be blissful.

    Have a nice day.



    • thank you michelle for passing this on, I’m excited to be part of the liebster award 🙂 I’m going to answer your cool questions today! i appreciate it.


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