I wonder…
and at this moment
my wondering
is most beautiful.
Because to wonder
is a privilege.
To simply sit
and ponder
and reflect
what life is
what love is.
It is truly
a gift of the
human experience.
And it is most beautiful
when life is calm
inside our mind.
When our mind
is aligned:
We are the closest to nature.
We are the closest to ourselves.
We are the closest to the higher power.
When our mind feels
just fine
with the way life is.
When we finally come to the point of
β€œI trust life,
it works for me
not to me”
It is a beautiful thing.
At its core,
it’s the essence of faith.
It is the essence of us.
Truly it is.
Faith is.
To know
To trust
To believe
To let go
To surrender
To what life is.
Once you recognize
and distance yourself
from the noise
from the hurtful
from the people or things
that do not allow you
to be in faith of who you are
and your meaning on this earth.
When you silence
the noise of the judgements
the criticisms
the misunderstandings
the imposers
the disbelievers
of your essence.
The ones blind to
you but want to
see your life for you.
What a relief it feels.
What a deep sign it reveals.
What a beautiful life it truly is.
To have and feel faith once again.
That you are
fine just where you are.
That you are
fine just who you are.
That you are
the gift that
God created you to be.
Just as you are.
Shine your light
Shine your love
Shine your self
without a doubt.
Because you are
a magnificent
part of the
my friend.
will take you there
and take this moment
into what it truly is:
Living In Faithful Energy.
Be mindful.
Be mindful.
Be mindful,
my friend.
Life is working for you.
Trust it.
Even this poem is made
and aligned for you.


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