As I reach my 30th year of life this Sunday, June 4, 2017, I thought I reflect on what I have learned, am learning and need to learn thus far.

But first, I would like to give my thanks and gratitude to life, the Universe, my body, and God for supporting me these 30 years to remain alive.

I realize that I still have a purpose to fulfill and that is why I and everyone else is still here on Earth living. Our work is not done till the Higher Power decides so. I give my trust to God and align my soul to His purpose for me.

I learned and re-learned that we each have a vision. The more we are distracted, ignoring our intuition and overly managing our life rather than listening to God… we can’t see the bigger picture or vision for our life. This is why letting people or things go that have proven itself as not meant to be in your life is essential. Accepting people/situations as they are rather than fighting it to fit our image or beliefs is the way for peace and purpose.

I am learning that healing and being strong is a life long thing. Only because you learn how to be at peace doesn’t mean the peace remains forever. You have to keep working on that peace and protecting that peace. Sometimes we get caught up and lost in other peoples lives and agendas that we don’t hear our own truth. Sometimes we forget how to love properly and we give too much of ourselves to others that we are emptied. We then have to teach ourselves all over again how to be a healthy person mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Don’t neglect your health.

I know that I need to learn as a woman to practice valuing and believing in my self. Insecurity and comparison to others seems to be an all time high right now with social media. Many people will make you feel like you are not enough or not doing enough because of their own insecurities which they are projecting on you. Practicing daily affirmations, boundaries and being nice to ourselves is key to maintaining our confidence and self-esteem. We cannot give love if we do not have love in and for ourselves. We will only hurt others because we are hurt people, we need to heal our hearts and minds from our sense of low self worth.

Only we can give and make meaning for our lives, that is only our responsibility. Therefore, we have to know ourselves to get to who and where we are meant to be.

Overall, I am where I am meant to be. I can only be myself and live my own purpose.

I am positive about my future and that is the only way to think. Being a master of our minds through unbiased, factual and mature thinking can prevent a lot of stress.

I hope to continue as a great poet and creative writer who wrote with the intent to make life a better place for myself, others and future generations.




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